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Spinverse is the Nordic leader in innovation consulting, specialised in driving open innovation ecosystems, arranging funding and commercialising emerging technologies.

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Spinverse specialises in R&D project funding, innovation management and commercialising emerging technologies. We offer creative solutions and expertise from countless areas including the automation, chemical, clean-tech, electronics, energy, ICT, life science, machinery and medical industries. Since 2004, we have provided the expertise, R&D networks and commitment needed to realize our clients’ goals, boost project outcomes, and drive innovation.

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€1 billion of public funds
100 start-ups
400+ assignments delivered successfully
Skilled experts and young professionals
16,000 people in 63 countries
Client satisfaction: 9/10 points


October 1, 2015

Fingrid is looking for new ideas and partners to develop transmission grid maintenance

Does your company have a great idea or solution that you would like to pilot together with Fingrid? Do you need new business opportunities and world-class transmission system operating expertise to help commercializing your idea? Fingrid Oyj announces a matchmaking programme for companies of all sizes who are looking for partnerships and new growth in …

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