Fast Track to Innovation is back and open to all

Fast Track to Innovation is back and open to all

Fast Track to Innovation is a funding instrument to boost close-to-market innovation projects.

FTI was first piloted in 2015-2016 under Horizon 2020, the EU’s 80 B€ research and innovation funding programme. FTI will now be re-launched along the adoption of the new Horizon 2020 work programme for 2018-2020.

The instrument is targeted for close-to-market innovation activities, aiming to reduce the time from idea to market and increase private sector investment in R&I. FTI funding can be applied by industry-intensive consortiums for both technical and commercial close-to-market activities, such as validation, piloting and advanced testing. It is open for both SMEs and large corporations.

The instrument is also meant for advanced commercialization projects with strong market potential, only in need of a final push before market entry. In addition to funding of up to 2-3 million euros, the instrument increases chances for market success by providing Europe-wide visibility and networking opportunities.

The first deadline for FTI proposals is already in February 2018, which means that preparations should be started as soon as possible.
Read more about how we helped our client to secure FTI funding and contact us to learn more about your funding opportunities!


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