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Spinverse has signed up to participate as a knowledge provider in the Innovation Voucher initiative by Tekes in Finland and by Vinnova in Sweden. We are specialised in creating Open Innovation Ecosystems and commercialising emerging technologies. Our experts have supported numerous SMEs in assessing their opportunities, as well as building strong business and financial plans for accessing public funding.

How we can help you:

Proposal preparation
Spinverse is the Nordic leader in EU-funding expertise and we can support you in writing a proposal for the EU’s Horizon 2020 SME instrument funding. The proposal’s aim is to receive funding for international commercialisation of your innovation.

Partner search competition
Spinverse has an extensive network of partners in many industries and technology areas and we are known for the ability to bring together unique backgrounds, perspectives and expertise.  With the partner search competition, we can assist you in identifying suitable partners from SMEs, large corporations, research organisations and public institutions to help make your R&D&I undertaking a success. The goal is to form a joint development of disruptive and competitive concepts, technologies or innovations as well as creating new markets by involving international best talent, organisations and know-how.

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