Innovation Mill

Spinverse Innovation Mill commercializes “non-core” corporate IPR via startups and SME’s

Many large corporations in Europe are going through a time of transformation. Economic circumstances drive corporations to reduce non-core activities and seek for more dynamic R&D network to meet the future needs from the markets.

For Corporations

Spinverse can help corporations to streamline and effectively manage the spin off process to support the core business, and to increase the R&D activities outside the corporation. We help our clients to find external funding to spin offs from public and private sources and maximize their probability to successful growth.

Are you a large corporation going through a transformation in business – lets us come and tell you how we have done it previously.

For Entrepreneurs & SME’s

100 CEOs wanted!

For entrepreneurs and SME’s with good ideas and innovations, our experts can assist to fast-track your company to growth track by providing support services and networking opportunities with invaluable contacts and connections to corporations, helping to establish your position in the ecosystem, give access to capital from private and public sources, and support international growth.

Are you an entrepreneur looking for a corporate idea? We can help match your competences with corporate ideas and apply for funding through Innovation Mill. Submit your contact information here and we will contact you.

For Investors and Public Funding Agencies

For investors, Spinverse Innovation Mill provides verified deal flow and access to ideas born in large corporations with entrepreneurs that have more industry experience.

New business opportunities are emerging due to the structural change in the industrial sector. We believe that by supporting entrepreneurship through Innovation Mill we can help to maintain the competitiveness of Finnish Industry. Unused ideas turned into innovative startup companies aiming for fast global growth are the engine for economic growth.

Are you an investor interested in investing to startups with experienced entrepreneurs? Contact us and we will tell you more about investing opportunities.

Funding to improve competitiveness

Innovation Mill funding can be used, for example, for integrating new intellectual property into the existing technologies, marketing research, pilot projects, and the development of business operations. Funding is provided by Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation.

Tekes     Spinverse Innovation Mill Oy

Innovation Mill results 2009-2014

  • 110 innovations have been funded of which 81 innovations in new startup companies and 29 innovations in existing companies
  • Max. 200 k€ project size, average 170 k€
  • Total funding 84 M€ of which 42 M€ from Tekes (“Milling” plus subsequent R&D funding)
  • Over 1000 new jobs created

Examples of Corporations in Innovation Mill who have spinned off their ideas:


Examples of Corporations in Innovation Mill who have spinned off their ideas

Innovation Mill has created new startups…

Innovation Mill has created new startups Innovation Mill has created new startups

… and transferred ideas to existing companies

Innovation Mill has transferred ideas to existing companies



Spinverse Innovation Mill at Arctic15, 23.05.2014

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Innovation Mill has created over 70 new startups, 19.11.2013

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Spinverse acquires Innovation Mill-accelerator, 26.09.2013