Kaidi Finland

An investment of one billion euros to Finland creates fuel from wood-based feedstock

Kaidi Finland

Sunshine Kaidi New Energy Group, one of the leading bio energy companies in China, is planning a biofuel refinery investment project, an investment of one billion euros to Finland.

Key Challenges

  • To date there is no biofuel plant that could create advanced biofuel from wood-based feedstock.
  • New pilot projects are needed for the development of renewable energy technologies.
  • European Union is striving to achieve ambitious energy and climate targets by 2030, including 6,8% mandate for advanced biofuels and biogas in the transport sector.

Project Goals and Results

  • The technology used in the biorefinery is globally unique and the planned facility will prove that high-quality biodiesel can be produced from woody biomass.
  • The plant produces >200,000 metric tons of biofuels per year.
  • The output of the plant will be 75% biodiesel and 25% biogasoline.

Key project Characteristics

  • The new second generation biofuel refinery is planned to be built in Ajos, Kemi.
  • The second generation biofuel refinery project is the largest single investment (1 B€) to Finland from a foreign company in history.
  • Schedule for the project:
    • Plant operational by end of 2019

Spinverse Role

  • Assists Kaidi in financial, permitting, feedstock and other strategic arrangements enabling a successful entrance to the European markets
  • Pekka Koponen, Founder and CEO of Spinverse Group, acts as an advisor to Kaidi Finland.


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