Services for SMEs

Creating new business and achieving strategic growth through innovation

Business acceleration through innovation

Spinverse has supported numerous SMEs in assessing their opportunities, building strong business and financial plans for accessing public funding. We want to help you identify radical innovations and turn them into new 100 M€ businesses.

Is this for you:

  • Can you imagine a 100 M€ business?
  • Is your solution truly innovative?
  • Is the solution mature enough: e.g. do you have a demo in relevant environment?
  • Do you need funding for a new idea, which builds on your current capabilities, but clearly differs from your current offering?
  • Do you have a need for R&D and business planning or new market entry?

What kind of cases get funding?

Spinverse has supported numerous European SMEs accelerating their innovation activities with Horizon 2020 SME instrument projects. Read more from our references.

New Business Development services

We provide SMEs with advice for strategic decision-making, executable roadmaps, and assistance in implementing the transition towards new business and strategic growth.

Many SMEs face difficulties in identifying how to best achieve growth and competitiveness through innovation in products, solutions and business models. In addition, fast paced development requires anticipating future disruptions, digital development and changing ecosystem roles. Incomplete information creates difficulties in defining where to focus innovation resources, who to work with, by what means, and how to fund the innovation activities. Here’s what we can do to help you:

Formulating a business case and business model

Spinverse experts can help you clarify your business case or business model using proven business planning tools

SME diagnostics and roadmap for growth and funding

Spinverse uses its methodology to assess your current situation, highlighting key development areas and helps clarify your roadmap for growth and available funding options.

Conducting studies and assessments

Spinverse conducts a focused assessment to support your business planning or funding process. We can help you understand your industry and markets or your clients and their needs.

Creating an investor deck

Spinverse leads or supports investor material creation to enable discussions with private investors. We help you prepare for encountering private investors with valid ideas and clear message.

Creating a business plan or growth strategy

Spinverse leads or supports business planning or strategy process for you in different stages of growth. Validate that your actions lead to a growth path and learn to communicate your plan.

Driving organizational development

Spinverse leads or supports organizational development by defining strategy, operational model, organizational structure and implementation plan for growth.

See how we’ve helped others and contact us to hear how we can help you.

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